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Board & Train
Your dog, our home.

Are you considering a board and train?

During your dog's stay with us and our families, they will be treated exactly how our own dogs are treated. That means with love, care, respect, and understanding of what they need to thrive, not just survive.


We built a strong bond and relationship before the real work even starts. Now we are a team and in order for us to have true everlasting success I must pass that on to you.


Now it is our responsibility to teach you everything you need to know to continue real world progress.

Please understand that a dog is not trained in 2 weeks. A dog is not trained in 3, 4, or 5 weeks. It takes time and consistency. With that being said we can do amazing things in a few short weeks but it is just the beginning.


The foundation is laid and it is strong. We add wanted behaviors and eliminated unwanted behaviors. Most importantly your dog will learn how to learn and they are now a clean slate ready and willing to please you if you allow it.


Real results equal 10% trainer 90% owner. It is up to us to provide you with the education, information, and opportunity. And it is up to you to show up for the follow up lessons.


Your dog has been working with us for however long, now they MUST work with you. This means you have to put in and dedicate time to your dog or the board and train won't be successful.

Now if the above sounds achievable, than a board and train would be a great option!

With our board and train program, the dog lives in our home. They go to classes, our FYZ Academy, hikes, swimming, etc. with us. 

We believe in order for them to become the best versions of themselves, that requires us to be able to work with and see how they do in everyday life. 

With our program, it is tailored to meet the needs and wants of the owner and dog. 

We work on all basic behaviours during their stay with us, such as; sit, down, recalls, loose leash heeling, stays, etc. 

Depending on the needs of the dog, we will work on; reactivity, building confidence, e collar training/off leash recall, proper social skills with people and dogs, etc. 

*Prices may vary based on age and behaviors of the dog*

6 months and younger- 

Three weeks $1,260

Four weeks $1,680

Five weeks $2,100

7 Months and older

Three weeks $1,500

Four weeks $2,000

Five weeks $2,500

Three week B&T includes three follow up lessons.

Four and five week B&T includes four and five follow up lessons and a six week course.

ALL follow up lessons must be done within six(6) months of the end of the board and train. 

Human or Dog Aggression cases - $80-$100/day

We also offer boarding for $50/day

*We may also require three to five private lessons before accepting a dog into our board and train programs.

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