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Board & Train

Your dog, our home.

From basic obedience to behavioral rehabilitation, with our board and train program it is personalized to what you want and need. The dogs live in our homes and are treated like our own!

Board and train is the perfect option for:

  • Dogs that need that extra bit of attention from a professional.

  • Owners who are too busy with life to teach the basics, but can continue once the dog has a foundation.

  • Dogs whose owners are going on a trip and don't want them sitting in a kennel environment.

  • Dogs that need specific issues or behaviors addressed.


For more information on our boarding program click here

Beginner Classes

Learning everything you need to know to help your family member start off on the right foot! This class focuses on teaching you and your puppy/dog how to communicate and understand each other using a marker system, and the basic methods of dog training including free shaping and luring.

You will learn when and how to add verbal commands and how to teach your dog to come when called and love doing so!

Your pup will learn how to walk nicely on a leash and hold super solid stays!

You will help your puppy learn some fun tricks, while also teaching them how to work through the stresses of life, like being handled at the vet or for grooming.

This class provides the foundations for a pleasant life with your pet and the beginnings for more advanced training.

Private Lessons

One on one training sessions with you and your dog.

This is a perfect option for those that want or need more individualized training. We can address whatever behaviors that you may be having difficulties with, or maybe you're wanting to start your puppy off on the right foot, but can't commit to a class setting.

Whatever the reason, you're able to look at our schedule and pick days and times that we have available and choose from one hour or 30 minute private sessions. Want to meet two, three times a week? Great! Or once every two weeks, the option is yours.

Private Lessons:


Under 6 months - $60

Over 6 months - $75

Human or Dog Aggression - $75-$100


1 Hour - $60

30 Minutes - $40

Level Up! Classes**

Our Level Up! classes take your foundations from our Beginner classes to the next level!

This class focuses on taking the foundation we've set and applying them to real life. You'll learn how to advocate for your puppy/dog out in the world with other dogs and people. You will help your dog learn how to ignore other dogs and distractions and begin laying the foundation for off leash obedience.

Your dog will expand their ability to be handled with minimal stress, and we will also start working on setting our dogs up to succeed in challenging situations such as encounters with wildlife, or off leash/uncontrolled dogs. This allows you to be able to enjoy our beautiful state, and have the confidence that you and your dog can take these situations in stride!

This class is highly repeatable as the curriculum is customized during each session to offer the appropriate level of challenge to the puppies or dogs in the class.

**Level Up! Classes have a prerequisite of the Beginner Class, or those who have done Private Lessons or B&T (subject to approval.)

Beginner Classes:

6 Week course - $150  (6 classes total for $150)

Level Up! Classes:

6 Week course - $140

       FYZ Academy and Stay & Play

FYZ Academy is where puppies/dogs can be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening. 

While they are with us, they'll get to play with other dogs, work on obedience skills, crate training, treadmill time, and so much more!

During their stay at FYZ Academy they'll be worked mentally and physically resulting in one happy and tired pup!

Stay & Play is perfect for those that are just looking for a safe daycare option. With our experienced trainers, we make sure to set everyone up for success.

To learn more about these program, click here

Social Skills Drop In

This class is for our current and past clients.

Our Social Drop Ins allows puppies and dogs to play and interact in a controlled setting. If you have a nervous dog we will teach you how to protect their space, and likewise, if you have a dog who is pushy, we will help them learn manners.

We separate puppies and dogs into different groups, so send us a message to see which one yours goes into!

Social Skills Drop In:

Drop in class - $20-$30

Rally Drop In

Rally is an AKC sport that requires a partnership between owner and your four legged friend.

Each week you will navigate a different course together, and each course will consist of 10-20 different obedience signs.

In this drop in class, we will go over the signs, how to execute them, and exercises to work on at home as well.

It is highly preferred that your dog knows basic obedience and has a good food lure.

Rally Drop In:

One hour 30 Minute class - $25

*An evaluation must be completed before we will accept a dog into our Board & Train program. And a two week minimum is required for dogs that haven't worked with us. 

**Level Up! Classes have a prerequisite of the Beginner Class, or those who have done Private Lessons or B&T (subject to approval.)

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