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German Shepherds, Lab Mix


Below are some of our many success stories from owners and dogs who have truly found their zen!

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Belgian Malinois, Chinese Crested training

Tenno & Rory

- Dani G.

I have two dogs that have trained with Leah and Megan, and I highly recommend them. Tenno is my 3 year old Malinois who has trained with Leah and Megan since she was small. I got her as a sport prospect and was super happy to train with Leah. She competes in a plethora of sports, and understood the criteria and the standard I wanted to achieve in her training. During all of our obediences classes she would critique me and Tenno and offered advice on how to achieve the best we could in

obedience. This year I am excited to see it all pay off as we start diving into Competition life . As Tenno got older and started to mature I noticed she was having odd mood swings, getting insecure in the household and becoming reactive and selective about who she engaged with, dog-wise. I was out of state when this first started becoming noticeable and the area I lived in had no resources to offer me. I tried what I could on my own, and after moving back to Alaska contacted Megan. She visited my home several times, trying to catch Tenno in the middle of one of her moods, and after much discussion we decided a board and train was the best option. She stayed with Megan for about a month, and lived and worked in her pack of dogs. Megan taught her how to get more confident, and how to react properly when she got stressed rather than lashing out and running away. She made great strides with Megan. The go home instructions were amazingly helpful. I now have a better understanding of how to read her body language to see when she’s getting overwhelmed, how to handle when she starts to get insecure, and how to correct her for inappropriate outbursts in a way that is helpful and makes sense to Tenno. After putting in the work and continuing what Megan started, I can happily say the difference is night and day. Tenno looks to me for guidance when she starts to get overwhelmed and her tolerance of other dogs is a lot better now that she knows I will advocate for her space and keep her protected. This new language is helping mend a relationship that started to get strained when I didn’t know how to help her. I have my dog back! My little powder puff, Rory, I got as a show and sport prospect. He started in Leah’s beginner puppy classes, graduated , and repeated her advanced obedience class several times. Leah was extremely helpful when Rory started going thru his fear phases and was very encouraging to me when he would shut down in classes. With her help we pushed through it, and he matured into a very sassy eager little guy who is just as drivey and eager to work as my Malinois is. She helps make bomb proof dogs, and all his lessons were put to the test when he traveled to the states for his first dog show. He is a little rockstar, who wasn’t phased by the crowds of dogs and people, and worked with his handler perfectly. 10/10 I will definitely continue to train all my current and future dogs with these girls for as long as I am in Alaska. They are really amazing at what they do!


- Stephanie H.

My pup and I just finished puppy/basic obedience class and I’m so bummed it’s over! This wasn’t your average, sit, down, stay class. You learn so much more! Not only did we learn a few fun tricks, but we learned a lot of great life skills that truly benefit the relationship between my dog and I, and also with our family. Leah gave us all the tools to be successful and I’m so excited to continue taking classes to continue growing with my pup! I am thrilled with the relationship we have grown to have and will forever be grateful! Thank you!

Vizsla training
Standard Poodle training


- Paula & James S.

Leah and Find Your Zen are fantastic! She helped me with some different training tools to get my very energetic poodle puppy more focused and walking on a leash without pulling! She is supportive, knows her stuff and is able to communicate in a way that puts principle to purpose. Highly recommend for all your training needs!


- Daniel I.

Leah has been working with my husky Honey for about 8 months and it has been amazing! Having a dog that can be calm in the house and focused on walks make such a huge difference. Honey is definitely finding her zen!

Siberian Husky training
German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix training


- Katelyn S.

It had been years since I had formally trained my dogs. I lost both my dogs within six months of each other and was not sure I would get another one. Then this little village Shepherd husky mix showed up in my life and I was desperate to find some training for her issues. She had different issues than I was used to, as all dogs do. Every dog is different. I can’t describe how helpful, nice, dedicated, and encouraging this company is. They make me feel like Aspen is one of their dogs and show

her so much kindness. I love love the homework and skills they are helping us build. Even if they didn’t like her you would never know it! They always encourage. Highly recommend giving them a try whether it’s just freshen up your skills or you have issues to work through.


- CarrieAnn C.

Leah has worked with my pup Dottie from 12 weeks to 12 months (and we plan to continue with our training) Dot is a German Shepherd/ Border Collie mix and my 1st lg breed dog. Knowing nothing, We have worked on everything from house training and obedience training to more specific things like anxiety, insecurities and what Leah calls "fighting her genetics" . Dottie's mix comes with

a few behaviors common to the breeds, that we have worked hard to keep in check. I have participated in structured classes at all levels, board and train sessions as well as private lessons for E-collar/off leash training. Dottie is a smart dog but continued to have issues with her confidence- Leah and Find Your Zen were able to match us with Megan, who has done home sessions, public sessions and board and train work to help Dottie overcome her issues, help her social skills and alleviate her fears and stress. I couldn't be happier with the work, the insight, the dedication, the patience they have and most of all the results I see with Dottie! A lot of what they put into shaping my girl into the amazing dog she is, came from pouring hours of their time into me. Months of helping me to properly train her on my own between sessions. Providing me with the tools to aid in Dottie's progress. Teaching me techniques, body language and commands. Showing me the right energy and right attitude to have with Dot. They have always been available to answer questions and have been so flexible with my schedule. (I believe, I proved to be a tougher pupil than my puppy- yet, they have always treated me with respect, offered encouragement, motivation and assistance. I appreciate all of the critiques and whatever tips and tricks they have to offer) I wholeheartedly recommend Find Your Zen dog training to anyone looking for a trainer whether it be for good house/trail manners, obedience, social skills, for competitions, reactivity, signs of aggression, or for the safety of your dog in a place like Alaska where potentially dangerous wildlife can be anywhere. I trust Both Leah and Megan fully and cannot stress enough how dedicated to your dog they would be.

German Shepherd Border Collie mix training
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